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Uncommon Goods Thank You Daisies Grow Kit by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr Muglife Teacher Coffee Mug Teebim Large Zippered Canvas Tote Bag for Teachers ‘Desk Yoga Deck’ by Darrin Zeer, Daisy Talleur-Zeer and Subin Yang Balloon Party Palace Pencil Vase 1-800-Flowers Inspiring Teacher Personalized Glass Candy Jar Sureio Teacher Appreciation Gift Set Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass Harney & Sons Valentine’s Day Tea, 30-Count 3sscha 75-Piece Valentine’s Day Color Your Own Bookmarks Uncommon Goods Writer’s Bloom Crochet Pen Cover by Gulnara Kydyrmyshova Taouzi Wooden Earrings, 4-Pack WhatSign ‘Thanks a Latte’ Teacher Valentine’s Card Touchland Glow Mist Rejuvenating Hand Sanitizer Spray, Rosewater Scented Voluspa Cherry Gloss Classic Candle AllenCoco Glasses Chain Cozy Earth Serenity Silk Sleep Mask Wax On Fire ‘Thanks for Putting Up With My Kid’ Candle Poketo Friendly Reminder Stickers Mario Badescu Rose Hand Cream Sugarwish Valentine’s Treat Box Ferrero Rocher Ferrero Collection Assorted Chocolates, 48-Count 1-800-Flowers Teacher Personalized Apple Key Chain Yule Crafts Galore Teacher Door Sign Uncommon Goods Petri Dish Earrings Kobasic Creations Desk Name Plate Back to the Roots Strawberry Grow Kit Windowsill Planter Le Creuset Mini Cocotte With Gold Heart Knob Terrain Sugarfina Sweethearts Candy Tasting Set Bloomscape Aglaonema Siam Plant Wander Agio Knit Plaid Scarf Burt’s Bees Everyday Essentials Set Scentered Aromatherapy Balm Mindful Minis Gift Set Baked By Melissa February Fix Cupcakes Uncommon Goods Repurposed Book Apple Loritta Wool Knit Flip Fingerless Gloves & Mittens Universal Zone US Constitution Tie Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Jet Set Truff Mini White Truffle Hot Sauce, 4-Pack Anlisim Fuzzy Socks FAQs

Between the effort they invest in creating an engaging syllabus to the unpaid after-school hours helping children grasp new concepts, teachers notoriously don’t get nearly enough love.

This Valentine’s Day, spoil the educators in your life with a special gift that’s sure to put a smile on their face and make their tireless job feel worth it. Not sure where to start? We found the best Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers across all levels of the school system, and you can shop them all here ahead of the big day.

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Instead of an overly romantic bouquet, demonstrate your gratitude with this flower-growing kit that produces a beautiful bunch of Shasta daisies. It comes in a terra-cotta planter with a self-watering and draining system, so it’s perfect for displaying on their classroom windowsill.

Teachers single-handedly contribute to the bulk of the caffeine economy, and now you can ensure they stay fueled with this incredibly thoughtful mug featuring “nutritional facts” about how awesome they are.

Whether they’ve got supplies to lug around or tend to pack a lunch from home, this super-sweet tote bag with a lovely message is sure to come in handy every day of the week. It’s structured enough to stay upright on or under their desk and has a full-length zipper and pockets for convenience.

If your favorite teacher has been hinting at aches at pains (or constantly fidgeting with their old lumbar support pillow), they’ll be thrilled to receive this deck of cards featuring yoga poses and breathwork designed to be performed right at your desk for instant full-body relief.

Instead of showing up to school with a massive bouquet for your teacher, gift them this practical yet thoughtful pencil vase they can prop on their desk to store everything from gifted blooms to desk essentials.

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With this personalized candy jar, they’ll always think of you (their now-favorite student) any time they reach for a mid-day treat. Customize it with their name and school for a special touch.

Want to ensure several of your kid’s favorite teachers feel equally appreciated on this special day? Gift them all an appreciation set complete with a multipurpose canvas pouch and a pendant key chain with charms. The set includes six pouches and six key chains.

Many teachers resort to a generous pour of wine at the end of a long day, so make their post-work drink a lot more special and on-theme with this wine glass in the shape of a beaker — bonus points (on your next assignment, if you’re lucky) for science, chemistry or bio teachers.

Pass on the classic chocolates and red roses for your teacher, but definitely consider chocolate-and-rosebud-flavored black tea they can sip on the daily for ultimate relaxation and instant pampering.

If you’re looking to spoil your child’s daycare teacher or caretaker this Valentine’s Day, include your little one in the gift prep by having them color in their own bookmarks featuring cute animals and V-Day puns galore.

Their fingers are likely calloused from grading papers by hand. Soften the deal with this stunning handmade crochet pen cover with an included pencil in your choice of cheerful sunflower or sentimental rose. Bonus: They’ll never misplace their favorite pen again!

A strand of pearls or a diamond bracelet might not be appropriate (or within budget) for your teacher this Valentine’s Day, but these academia-themed earrings featuring the likes of pencils, rulers and apples sure are.

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It’s oftentimes the thought — and words — that count more than anything you can buy. Jot down a thoughtful note (complete with impeccable syntax and grammar, of course) on this card they’ll be sure to hang on to for years to come.

Schools tend to be germ cesspools, so your favorite teacher will be beyond appreciative of this trendy Underscored-approved hand sanitizer in a lovely rosewater scent that lasts for 500 sprays.

Brighten their V-Day with this stunning limited-edition cherry-scented candle boasting a delightful fruity and floral scent. It’s made from a hand-poured coconut wax blend that sits beautifully in a display-worthy glass jar.

If your teacher rocks a mean pair of specs to grade papers or write on the board, they’ll find plenty of functionality in this glasses chain with adjustable loops. It’s sleek and doubles as jewelry since it can be worn as a necklace.

Give your hard-working teacher the valuable gift of sleep with Cozy Earth’s ultra-smooth sleep mask made of luxurious mulberry silk in a festive merlot-red hue.

From one frazzled parent to another: Your toddler’s daycare teacher is sure to appreciate this hilarious candle in your choice of scent from banana bread to lux linen. It’s made of vegan soy wax and fragrant oils for a safe and sustainable burn this V-Day.

Your teacher has long been peppering your assignments and projects with stickers — and they’ll find it so cute that you’ve returned the favor by gifting them this handy pack. They’re designed to serve as little reminders or help them organize their to-do list.

Many of us have visions of our teachers obsessively applying hand cream in a too-cold classroom while shivering under a poncho. Make their moisturizing routine a little more special with this lightweight, nongreasy hand cream in that obligatory rose scent.

Whether they’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth or you want to be sure to pick something that truly suits their taste, you can’t go wrong with a Valentine’s Day-themed Sugarwish box that allows them to select from a variety of gourmet cookies, candy, snacks, popcorn, coffee or tea. It comes with a custom card to make it extra unforgettable. The best part? You can send this digital gift via email (or text).

Whereas a heart-shaped box of chocolates might veer into “Be my valentine?” territory, a classic box of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolates is the ideal way to appropriately include your teacher in the festivities.

Something as simple and small as a personalized apple-shaped key chain does a stellar job of showing them the impact they’ve had on your academic journey without being over-the-top.

Allow them to mark their territory with this super-cool wooden classroom sign ideal for teachers of younger grades. It features an adorable pencil rainbow with an empowering, heartwarming slogan perfect for spreading Valentine’s Day cheer year-round.

If your science teacher wears their heart on their sleeve (or rather, their subject on their ear), they’ll completely fawn over these gold vermeil petri dish earrings featuring cubic zirconia “bacteria.”

If we’re talking about a teacher at the helm of higher grades or university lectures, this sophisticated desk sign is just what the Valentine’s Day cupids ordered. It’s sleek, it’s modern and it lets the students know who’s boss.

Strawberries are nature’s little hearts, so allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor in an on-theme way with this windowsill planter. The set is complete with organic potting mix, organic wild strawberry seeds and more.

This tiny heart-shaped cast-iron cocotte from Le Creuset is ideal for single servings of desserts, dips and snacks (like M&Ms!).

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This set of four Valentine’s Day candy cards will make their midafternoon snack much more festive, thanks to the selection of ice cream cone gummies, blueberry-flavored whales, strawberry shortcake cookies and pear Italian ice gumdrops.

If flowers are feeling overly romantic, go the safe (and thoughtful!) route with a low-maintenance plant. The Aglaonema Siam has glossy leaves and a touch of pink at the border and stem to keep it fitting for the occasion.

Whether you opt for the pink-and-gray colorway or go for wine red and beige, this plaid scarf is sure to elevate your teacher’s wardrobe while keeping them warm all season long.

Stocking stuffer season may have come and gone, but these travel-sized goodies make for the perfect portable gifts, ideal for popping in their briefcase before a long day of teaching. Between the beeswax lip balm and milk-and-honey body lotion, this budget-friendly gift set is a great choice.

Between their inability to fall asleep after a particularly rough day to their struggle to stay grounded in the face of rowdy first-graders, they’ll find plenty of solace in this aromatherapy gift set designed to help them wind down, concentrate or whatever it is they need in the moment.

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These bite-sized beauties in delectable flavors like red velvet and strawberry are sure to crush their cravings (and if you present them with a smile, they may just be compelled to share them with the class).

Fresh apples rot on their desk, but hand-painted apples made of repurposed book pages last practically forever.

Whether they rock them as mittens to keep each finger warm or flip them over as fingerless gloves to shoot a text, this thoughtful gift is as pretty as it is practical.

Your history teacher will find this tie with the constitution emblazoned on it so charming, he might just shed a tear (or brag about it to his other students and colleagues).

Available in a Valentine’s Day-appropriate red hue, this gift set will transport any teacher to their well-earned PTO on a beach.

If they’re known to eat sad desk salads and sandwiches, this set of white truffle hot sauce promises to salvage said soggy lunches.

There’s never been a better time in the year to gift your go-to teacher a pair of fuzzy socks. Free of overly romantic patterns, they’re ideal for both the occasion and the frigid weather.

40 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorite teachers | CNN Underscored (2024)


What to say to your teacher on Valentine's Day? ›

Happy Hearts Day to the Best Teacher EVER. I'm so lucky that you're my teacher — hope you have a happy hearts day! Thanks for being the person who inspires me so much. For your time, your kindness and your inspiration — hope today makes you feel appreciated for all you give.

What is teacher's Favourite gift? ›

After gift cards, personalized items came up the most often as a much-wanted gift. So teachers will delight in their very own stamps, created to look just like them, with their hairstyle, facial hair, glasses and other accessories.

Do you give a Valentine gift to a teacher? ›

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show the people in your life how much you care—including teachers! So after you've checked off your shopping list of Valentine's Day gifts for her or Valentine's Day gifts for him, be sure to pick up a little something for the teacher in your life, too.

Do you give Valentine's to teachers? ›

If valentines are being passed out to everyone in the class (as is often done in elementary schools), then it's perfectly acceptable to give one to the teacher as well. It would be clear that it's meant as a friendly gesture, not a romantic come-on.

What is the thoughtful message for teachers Day? ›

I feel so blessed to have a teacher like you who not only pushes me towards achieving my goal but also supports me in every step. Today I celebrate you for being selfless, devoted, hardworking, and the wisest person in the classroom. I am grateful to be your student. Happy Teacher's Day!

What are sweet words for teachers Day? ›

  • Thank you for allowing me to dream and soar as high as a kite. ...
  • Thank you for being my friend, mentor and a guiding light. ...
  • You really are a two in one combo; a colleague and teacher in one person. ...
  • Dear teacher, thank you for always supporting and enlightening me.

Is $50 too much for a teacher gift? ›

Our etiquette expert would like to remind parents, “You don't have to spend a lot of money, and sometimes, a handwritten note from the heart is the best gesture of appreciation.” That said, Schweitzer says that, depending on the school policy, $50 may be appropriate (and she prefers a pooled gift) if your child has the ...

Is $100 too much for a teacher gift? ›

It really depends on each individual family's circ*mstances, too. For some, $100 is right on the mark, while for others it's overly generous. It certainly seems that no one finds it stingy, however.

How do I thank a teacher? ›

  1. Thank you, [Teacher's Name]! ...
  2. Thank you so much for all your help.
  3. Thanks for everything you've done this year.
  4. You make learning fun. ...
  5. Teachers like you make pupils' days brighter.
  6. Your kindness is what makes you such a great teacher.
  7. Thanks for all your time and care this year.
  8. You're an amazing teacher.
Jul 12, 2023

What is the average teacher gift? ›

Don't spend too much

A safe bet would be to keep your gift under $20, and public opinion is right around that same number. "A good rule of thumb is to spend around $20-$30," Lauren Grace, a high school math teacher by day and crafter at night wrote on her company blog, a business that sells accessories for teachers.

What is a teacher's most precious item is his? ›

Thus, it is concluded that a teacher's most precious item is his Student's faith.

What do you write in a teacher's day gift? ›

We're so grateful for all the heart you put into what you do. Not everyone understands the work you do, but we are so grateful for it. You've made such a difference to our family. A child with special needs requires a teacher with a special gift.

Do teachers receive the most Valentines? ›

Teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards

According to an array of different sources, teachers receive the most Valentine's Day cards. This is then followed by children, mothers, wives and pets who are placed within the top five.

What should be gifted on Valentine's Day? ›

Classic Valentine's Day gifts
  • Classroom Valentine cards. International Greetings School Valentine's Day Illustrated Cards. ...
  • A box of roses that lasts all year. Soho Floral Arts Rose Box. ...
  • A box of unique truffles. ...
  • A geeky and creative card. ...
  • Flowers because it's Valentine's Day. ...
  • A monogrammed animal friend.
Feb 6, 2024

What are some good Valentine's Day gifts? ›

  • Valentine's Day Beauty Gift. Beauty Sleep Overnight Lip Mask in Pink Champagne. ...
  • Practical Gift. Phone Bag. ...
  • Custom Jewelry. Personalized Bar Pendant Necklace. ...
  • Gift for Mom. Enameled Cast Iron Heart Cocotte. ...
  • Little Gift. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags. ...
  • Personalized Guitar Picks. ...
  • Vintage Valentine Seals Puzzle. ...
  • Best Floral Perfume.
Feb 5, 2024

What do we do on Valentine's Day at school? ›

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Elementary Students
  • Have a month-long kindness challenge. ...
  • Exchange notes of kindness. ...
  • Have a door-decorating contest. ...
  • Read some Valentine's Day books. ...
  • Make a heart collage. ...
  • Craft up some Valen-slime. ...
  • Set up a candy heart estimation jar. ...
  • Do a crystal heart science experiment.
Jan 29, 2024

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