Brussels Sprouts With Peanut Vinaigrette Recipe (2024)



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Works with broccoli, too
Great recipe


What a delightful combination of flavor sand textures (yay, crispy shallots!). I made this exactly as written, although I did use the dried cranberries, which I had on hand. I think some diced roasted winter squash and/or chestnuts would be a lovely addition, especially if using this as a vegetarian main.


Phenomenal. I like this even without the addition of cherries and oranges. Can use apple cider vinager instead of champagne. My go-to for Brussels.


Slightly too sweet, would reduce honey or sub hot honey. Enjoyed the flavor combo with bright citrus and chunky peanut butter.


Made with all ingredients and as directed except shredded the brussels sprouts to get a little more of a consistent, crispy texture. Roasted them for a shorter amount of time, stirring often, until about half of the leaves were browned at the edges. Found the final texture and flavor combination divine. Make sure to serve and eat immediately. Definitely going in the rotation!

Amy K

I had high hopes as I love recipes that combine peanut, vinegar and orange, and I’m a Brussels sprouts fan. This is the opposite of clean flavors as you end up with a sloppy mush. It’s not inedible, it’s just not good. However, highly recommend the crispy fried shallots for any recipe or just eating by themselves - they are amazing


Phenomenal after the addition of the orange and dried, unsweetened cranberries.


Used white wine vinegar, no cherries, lots of Sriracha, and packaged fried onions on the side. Thought about omitting the orange but I’m glad I didn’t. It was delicious.


Flavor of the sauce was a nice, novel addition to brussel sprouts. But the whole dish was soggy. Lost all the lovely crunch of roasted brussels. Would maybe serve this as a dipping sauce on the side or just drizzle over the sprouts on a platter. Adding some texture with crushed roasted peanuts or pistachios might help too.


Ooooh, first NYTimes recipe that didn’t work for me or the household. We thought the peanut and the fruits didn’t go well together.


So delicious, where has this recipe been all my life?


I made this with a head of roasted cauliflower and some salad greens, but will try with brussels next time. I think it needs the crunch of the sprouts, but even with the substitution the flavors were outstanding and went together much better than I would have thought. Definitely a keeper for a Thanksgiving side.


Dressing is really good. Used maple syrup for the sweetener, added tamari & siracha. My peanut butter was not salted. Used mostly brussels, but added roasted carrots, raisins and roasted peanuts in the mix, as well as cubed cooked chicken & leftover rice or bulger Served it over chopped romaine as a main dish salad.I didn't have an orange or I'd have added it too


This was delicious. Such a creative and surprising way to use Brussels sprouts. I added a diced sweet potato to the roasting pan. Since I didn’t have oranges, I added a splash of OJ to the dressing. Served it over rice and it was a fantastic, filling meal!

Camille Landau

great taste, but note that using the pan of water may increase the needed cooking time.

Liz Richardson

I've been a NYT cooking notes leach, benefiting from others' hard work, sweat and taste buds while contributing nothing of my own. This dish transformed my parasitic ways! Salt, fat, acid, heat galore! Add slightly more peanut oil to the cooking sprouts for more crunch. I didn't have champagne vinegar, so I substituted white vinegar, added harissa for a kick and plucked an orange from my backyard orange tree. The orange's sweetness balances the acid's tang. Fantastic and highly suggest!


Wow, this far exceeded my expectations. Used segments of a mandarin orange and skipped the work of supremes. Easy to male but worthy of company. Delicious!




Slightly too sweet, would reduce honey or sub hot honey. Enjoyed the flavor combo with bright citrus and chunky peanut butter.

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Brussels Sprouts With Peanut Vinaigrette Recipe (2024)
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