Deeply Satisfying: A Roundup of THM Deep S Recipes - Briana Thomas (2024)

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When you start following the Trim Healthy Mama healthy eating lifestyle, it’s important to take things in baby steps and only focus on the basics of (S)atisfying, (E)nergizing, and Fuel Pull. However, once you get your feet underneath you, it’s a good idea to delve into the “Higher Learning” chapter of the plan book so you can finesse your way to trim and healthy. The details found in the “Higher Learning” chapter can break up stalls and help you understand the plan better in general. Fuel cycles are a great way to help yourself understand the THM plan basics better as well. (But keep in mind thatFuel Cycles arenot something you should delve into until you’ve been on plan for a few months. Theyshould not be lose-weight-quick schemes.) If you’ve ever done a Fuel Cycle, you know that the Deep S days can be hard because they cut out so many of the things we’re used to eating freely in a THM S setting: dairy (except for butter), veggies higher in carbs (tomatoes, onions), berries, nuts, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting right now but can’t look up because I loaned my plan book to my grandma. Check out the THM plan book for more details.

So what can you eat in a Deep S setting? Meat! Eggs! Butter! Coconut oil! Leafy greens! Non-starchy veggies such as green beans and okra!

Basically Deep S meals cut back on things that can easily be overdone in an S setting because they’re really calorie-dense, not as efficiently burned by your body as “foundation fats” such as butter and coconut oil, or higher in carbs. These are the streamlined S meals.

Over the past year, I’ve given a concentrated effort to providing more Deep S recipes, not only because they’re useful during Fuel Cycles but because I can tell a distinct difference in my body when I feed it more foundation fats rather than always stuffing it with things like peanut butter, cheese, and rich desserts. If you’ve noticed the same thing, the recipes below might come in handy for you! Still a THM newbie? Forget about Deep S and just enjoy these recipes as regular ol’ S recipes (and know that you’re doing your body a favor by using them).

Quick tip: you can always go to Recipe Index > > Deep S to find a picture index of all my Deep S recipes! Or just click here.

Main Dishes:

Bacon-Wrapped Mediterranean Chicken(NF, pg. 50)

Baked Chicken Thighs(NF, pg. 54)

(NF, pg. 86)

Crockpot Marinated Pork Loin(NF, pg. 88)

Kate’s Spinach Eggs(NF, pg. 23)

Sunday Pork Chops(NF, pg. 55)

Yellow Squash Sweet Curry(NF, pg. 67) – omit the onion, tomato, and cheese

Jashbrown Breakfast (Necessary Food, pg. 24)

Note: some of these labels missed the “Foundation Fats” label in my cookbook (and are just labeled with the generic “Healthy Fats” label) because I either forgot to mark them as such or becauseI wasn’t sure if Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce were OK to use in a Deep S setting. I did a search in the main THM Facebook group and found posts from a popularadmin who was sharing her mealsand had labeled some includingWorcestershire sauce as Deep S recipes, so I think the ones above are all fair game. (Soy sauce has even fewer carbs than Worcestershire sauce, so it should be fine.)

Side Dishes:

Special Roasted Brussels Sprouts

(^^Whoops! Just found out that Brussels sprouts aren’t considered nonstarchy enough to be used in a Deep S setting! Sorry ’bout that. They still make a great S side dish, though.)

Roasted Vegetables (such as green beans or okra) (Necessary Food, pg. 119)

Cabbage sautéed in butter and garlic salt

Big leafy salad with cucumbers, oil, and vinegar (and some great seasonings too – like some oregano and garlic salt!)

Easy Gravy (Necessary Food, pg. 422)


Velvety Cappuccino

The Yummy Eggnog Detox(NF, pg. 209)

Velvety Autumn Sip

Velvety Chai(NF, pg. 208)

Velvety Hot Chocolate(NF, pg. 207)

Velvety Peppermint Sip


Superfood Brownies

Superfood Single Brownie

Chocolate Truffle Fudge(NF, pg. 298)

Brianafinger Truffle Fudge– omit the toppings and enjoy the milk chocolatey fudge onlyas a Deep S treat

Hot Custard(NF, pg. 375)

Foundational Frozen Custard

Foundational Peanut Butter Topping

Milk Chocolate Pudding

Mock PayDay Fat Bombs(NF, pg. 303) – follow tweaks

Skinny Meringue Chocolate Bites(NF, pg. 293)

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Bites (Necessary Food, pg. 291)

Muffintop Melters (Necessary Food, pg. 396)

Plain Hot Fudge Sauce (Necessary Food, pg. 413)

Deeply Satisfying: A Roundup of THM Deep S Recipes - Briana Thomas (6)

From my blogging buddies:

Bacon Hot Slaw // Chrissy Benoit in Love

Healthy Coconut Oil Chocolate Frosting // My Montana Kitchen

Tex Mex Breakfast Scramble // Chrissy Benoit in Love

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Deeply Satisfying: A Roundup of THM Deep S Recipes - Briana Thomas (2024)
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