The 15 Coolest Outfits For An Amazing 80s Party (2024)

If you are headed to an 80s party, it is your chance to be creative with your outfit choice.

What you wear to a 1980-inspired party should be something that was fashionable back then, but also something flattering and comfortable that allows you to have a great time.

To fit the theme while keeping your individuality may sound difficult. We are here to help you bring the 1980s trends to life. Keep reading to discover our best tips.

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Animal print

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Animal print was super trendy in the 80s. If you watch any sitcoms produced during the decade in question, you will see that many women used to love wearing animal prints.

Effortlessly put together an amazing outfit for the 80s party with a beautiful dress that features this print.

Let yourself be inspired by these amazing sustainable brands that work under very high-quality standards.

Colourful leggings

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We all know how comfortable leggings are!

In the 80s leggings had a huge moment and you can take advantage of this and use them to create a wide variety of looks.

Because even back then leggings were popular among fitness models, it is a great idea to complete your outfit with other athletic wear such as a sports bra, a hoodie, or a sporty jacket.

Choose something colorful that will not go unnoticed. Check out these affordable and sustainable leggings.


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"Add a belt no matter what you are wearing" seems to have been the motto of the 80s. Do the same and complete your outfit with a belt if you want to instantly upgrade your 1980s look.

Luckily, nowadays you can purchase vegan leather belts that are durable and versatile.

Bright colors

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Don't be afraid to play with colors when it comes to your outfit. Wearing multiple bold colors at once was a thing in the 80s and you can bring that back to life in 2023 with a colorful outfit.

You can choose clothing pieces that feature a single-color or colorful prints. Mixing and matching is entirely up to you.

Even better, neon is a trend that continuously goes in and out of fashion, which means you will be able to enjoy your colorful clothes and create beautiful outfits with them for a very long time.

Take a look at these 200 sustainable clothing brands from Europe.

Padded shoulders

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Shoulder pads were fashionable in the 80s and you can be the best dressed at a 80s-inspired party if you choose to wear a blazer with big shoulders.

You can wear it over a dress, or with a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Here is our selection of sustainable blazers.

Mini skirts

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Did you know that the mini skirt trend started in the 80s?

Mini skirts are to this day statement pieces that many women go to when they want to create attractive outfits, but it all started in the 80s. What better way to revive the decade's fashion than with a beautiful mini skirt?!

The possibilities are endless: You can go for a metallic color, a bright color, a vegan leather skirt, or a denim skirt.

Wear it with a cute crop top and don't forget to add a belt! Check out our sustainable recommendations.

Vegan leather jacket

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Nail the 80s look in an instant with a beautiful vegan leather jacket.

The best vegan leather jackets are affordable and sustainable and made entirely from cruelty-free and animal-free materials.

For more fashion inspiration, click here.

Denim jackets

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Denim jackets are beautiful and versatile. You can create many outfits with them, and you can dress them both up and down.

For an 80s-inspired look, wear a denim jacket with colorful shorts and a crop top.

Don't waste any more time - purchase an amazing,affordable denim jacket now.


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Jeans were a huge part of the 80s fashion scene.

If you are looking for a simple way to recreate the 80s trends, a pair of jeans is a fantastic idea! This is a great investment in your wardrobe because a pair of jeans can be worn in many ways and on many occasions.

Take a look at these affordable and comfortable jeans recommendations.


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Create a simple, yet effective outfit with a tank top and a beautiful pair of shorts.

Shorts are comfortable and look flattering on any body type, regardless of your height or weight. They are also another trend that fits the party's theme, as well as your current wardrobe.

If you are attending a 1980s-inspired party during summer and you are looking for a very relaxed outfit, shorts are by far one of the best choices.

Discover the 20 best affordable and sustainable bike shorts.

Coordinated sets

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Coordinated sets are a trend that combines coordination and simplicity. Designed to be worn together, the two pieces of a coordinated set are meant to make your life easier - mixing and matching has already been done!

This trend has repeatedly shown itsimportance in the fashion world. To fit the 80s theme, go for bright colors and a loud print.

Learn how to dress like the 80s with today's everyday clothes from our article.

Crop tops

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Crop tops are beautiful, stylish, and comfy.

For a gorgeous panty outfit wear a crop top with a pair of colorful leggings and a jacket.

Here is our selection of the best affordable, ethical, and sustainable crop tops.


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Velour is a fabric similar to velvet. It is very soft and shiny and perfect for an 80s party.

Our recommendation? Choose a bright color, of course! If you don't want your entire outfit to be made of velour, stick to a single piece such as a tank top or a jacket.

In case you don't want to spend a large amount of money on a new outfit, you can purchase second-hand fashion from one of these clothing apps.

Leg warmers

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Leg warmers are an iconic trend of the 1980s. This means your outfit will instantly fit the party's theme if you add a pair of leg warmers.

Discover the 10 best ethical hosiery brands.

Hair accessories

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Hair accessories were very important in the 80s.

If you want to copy the aesthetics of the time,accessorize with hair clips and colorful scrunchies. They are fun to wear andwill help you beautifully complete your 80s-inspired look.

Click here if you want to discover the best affordable and sustainable hair accessories.


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Accessorize your attire with chain necklaces and hoop earrings to bring the '80s style to life in 2023.

Here are some amazing sustainable jewelry brands you need to know.

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The 15 Coolest Outfits For An Amazing 80s Party (2024)
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