20+ Gifts To Make Your Girlfriend Fall In Love With You All Over Again (2024)

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, applauding an important milestone or just showing how much you care, it’s the thought and effort you put into a gift for your girlfriend that really makes it meaningful. To make gift-giving truly special, consider the memories you’ve shared and your plans for the future and incorporate those sentiments into a one-of-a-kind gift for her.

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Pair your gift with a thoughtful greeting card and message that tells her just how much you love her. From framed wall art to personalized jewelry and everything in between, these thoughtful girlfriend gifts can all be customized for the love of your life’s unique style.

1. Custom Throw Pillows

Give your girlfriend the gift of sweet dreams with apersonalized pillow made just for her. Choose from dozens of designs then customize with her name, a favorite photo, a special date or a sentimental saying that makes this cozy pillow the gift of her dreams.

2. Ceramic Photo Tile

A custom ceramic tile is a unique new way to display meaningful photos and makes a special gift for the lady you love. When displayed on a wrought iron easel, it’s the perfect sentimental addition to your girlfriend’s home.

3. Personalized Beach Towels

If your girl is a beach babe, you can’t go wrong with a customized beach towel. Choose from a variety of styles and colors and then add your own sentiment, favorite photos or a monogram—whatever will match her unique style.

4. DIY Photo Board

Using just a simple frame, a bit of wire and a collection of mini clothespins, it’s easy to DIY this clever photo board and display a variety of your girlfriend’s fondest memories using photo prints. To make it more sentimental, make sure to include photos of the two of you together. You can get unlimited free prints in the sizes 4×6 and 4×4 when you order from the Shutterfly mobile app.

5. Canvas Prints

Want to really make an impression? Find a favorite photograph of a special moment you shared and gift your girlfriend with a customized canvas print she’ll proudly display.

6. Custom Travel Mug

She’ll think of you each time she takes a sip from this beautiful custom-designed, insulated travel mug. Perfect for her morning commute or a drink on the go, your girlfriend will adore the thought put into designing her own special travel coffee mug.

7. Beach Bag

If your girlfriend is a real beach babe, she’ll love a canvas beach bag that’s custom printed with her name, initials, photos, or a quote she loves.

8. Custom Keepsake Box

Top this gorgeous oak box with a custom-printed tile and the love of your life will smile each time she reaches for the trinkets safely stashed inside. Personalize with text, photos or both for a one-of-a-kind keepsake box she’ll treasure.

9. Custom iPhone Case

Here’s a sweet and sentimental gift that’ll make her smile each time she reaches for her phone. Customized with photographs and terms of endearment, your girlfriend will call this custom iPhone case one of her favorite gifts.

10. Travel Photo Book

This thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to document your travels together and inspire more. Personalize the pages of this custom-printed coffee table quality travel photo book with photographs of your trips and treks together.

11. Photo Keychain

Is your girlfriend always on the move? Design a custom photo keychain so you’re always on her mind, even when she’s out on the town. Choose photos of the two of you together to touch her heart.

12. Custom Water Bottle

Whether she’s headed to the gym, out for a walk with the dog or driving to the office, your girlfriend will love staying hydrated with a photo water bottle or travel mug that’s been personalized just for her.

13. Photo Puzzles

If your girlfriend likes the peace and tranquility that come with putting together puzzles, she’ll love the sentiment behind this personalized photo puzzle. Customize with a collage of favorite photos, names and quotes for a gift she’ll adore assembling over and over again.

14. Personalized Journals

If your girlfriend likes to put her thoughts and dreams to paper, a customized journal would make the perfect gift.

15. Bottle Opener

She’ll cheer for this custom bottle opener that’s been personalized with a photo, monogram or message just for her. This useful, classy gift is as practical as it is personal.

16. Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great girlfriend gift idea and these custom engraved jewelry pieces are sure to make a statement! Choose from silver, gold or rose gold, then add her name, initials or another meaningful message for that special someone.

17. Photo Coffee Mug

Your lucky lady will love having a custom photo mug that’s all her own. Select a favorite photograph, a sentimental saying or a simple monogram to make this gold-trimmed mug the one she always reaches for.

18. A Charming Gift

Surround a favorite photograph with rose gold and sparkling crystals to create a charm bracelet that’s as beautiful as it is sentimental.

19. Cute & Comfy Personalized Blankets

Warm your girl’s body and her heart with a collection of personalized blankets just for her. Personalize with a photo collage, a favorite quote or graphic elements that remind her of a meaningful memory.

20. Stemless Wine Glasses

She’ll love sipping from a stemless wine glass that’s been personalized just for her. Add a name, an important date or a meaningful quote to make it extra special. Then, pair this special gift with some photo coasters or a bottle of her favorite wine.

21. Photo Calendars

With a custom printed and personalized photo calendar, your girlfriend will think of fond memories and be inspired to make new ones. Whether you select a wall calendar or one that stands on an easel, this thoughtful gift will keep giving month after month.

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Whatever gift you choose to give your beloved, the key is personalized gifts for her. By always customizing a gift and adding your own unique special touch, you send a message of love and appreciation—and that will mean more to her than anything else.

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20+ Gifts To Make Your Girlfriend Fall In Love With You All Over Again (2024)
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